December 29, 2011

::se la vi 2011::

2011 has come and gone too quickly. so many plans were made at this time last year. hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. if i made a list i've lost it by now. i'm not sure what goals were and were not accomplished and i'm okay with that. i will start new 2012 with a list. i will intend to complete all the things named. and i will meet you here again in december 2012 to recap what i can no longer remember.

::Favorite Posts of 2011::

You Might Not Be A Christian If
this post is a light-hearted reflection on the fact that our christianity will NOT look the same as our neighbor, or co-worker, or roommate or best friend or church member. we are unique beings with unique takes on life and the brevity or eternity of it all...and that's okay.

We Have It Backwards
this post speaks to the issue of loving the least lovable in and outside of the church.

On Becoming Okay With Imperfection
i think the title speaks for itself.

Was This Planned
this posts announced baby #3 on its way and the joys of dreaming for three little ones at my feet.

How To Keep *Love Love Love* Alive {Part 1}- a guest post
this was a little series of guest bloggers that shared their secrets to a happy marriage.

::Favorite Books of 2011::

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
i cannot say enough about this book. it changed my entire perspective on every day life during a very difficult season. i started counting and writing down all the lovely gifts that are so often overlooked on a daily basis. i have filled three journals just this year! her writing is both poetic and inspiring.

Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans
my sweet hubby met rachel at an event and brought home her book for me. it was perfect timing for some of the questions and things i had been struggling with. i read her book every day on the treadmill and dog-eared that book like no other before (it's super hard to use a highlighter while running).

Walking On Water by Madeliene L'Engle
i love the way madeliene brings art and faith together. so often one looks down upon the other. isn't our Creator the ultimate artist?

Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider
this book was exactly what i needed to jump start the decluttering of my life and home. we have downsized our clothing and our things and have never felt better. i even make my own household cleaners and i am planning to cloth diaper my next bundle of joy. she also has an ebook One Bite At A Time that i plan to start working through at the first of the year.

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
i read this because i can most of the time be all-to-serious and tina fey reminds me to laugh at myself. i laughed out loud more than once while reading this book. so if you are looking for something light-hearted and fun, this is the one.

::Favorite Bloggers::

Sarah at Emerging Mummy
she writes about life and faith and motherhood. i love her style of writing and never miss a post. if you want thought provoking encouragement, this is your gal.

Ann at A Holy Experience
her blog is like her book, beautiful perspective on the day-to-day. a constant reminder that god is everywhere, involved in everything, if only we have eyes to see.

Allison at O My Family
allison is a down-to-earth, no frills kind of mama. i love the simplicity and truth found in each of her posts. she's a cutie, you'll love her!

Alison at Apearantly Sew
alison is one of my bff''s in real life and i couldn't make a list without including her. she writes about life and motherhood in all its glory. she is also a pretty amazing handmade shop owner with all kinds of goodies for mama's and kiddies.

Jacob at Blogismos
now this fella i cannot say enough about. he's a laid back kind of intellectual that likes to question all things certain and challenge the norm. he writes about faith and invites you to join the conversation.

what posts, books and bloggers did you love in 2011?

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  1. Love Walking on Water and One Thousand Gifts. So many people say the same thing about it, how it changed their perspective on everyday life, but it's true, so true.

    I'm glad I discovered your blog this year, I'll have to check out your favorites.


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