December 20, 2011

::thoughts on how to have a less stressful week::

5 days until Christmas!!!!

i've been asked the question several times this week, "are you ready for christmas?"
the answer is always "yes."

yes i am ready for christmas.
yes i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of christ during this advent season.
yes i am breathing in every special moment spent with family and friends.
yes i am excited about all that this season encompasses.

do i have all of my presents ready and wrapped? no.
have i accomplished everything on my to-do list? no.
do i have the food planned and prepared? no.
am i stressed about it? no.

i decided before we entered this season that i would enjoy it, bask in it. every precious moment. i decided that i would focus on the things that hold value and everything else could just fall by the wayside. earlier in the week i sat down and made a list of things that i would do that would make this week more enjoyable.

  • i will spend less time online this week.
  • i will spend more time outside- trips to the park as weather permits.
  • i will do crafts with my children and ignore the mess made along the way.
  • i will stick with simple meals - tacos, pasta, ham, brinner.
  • i will not stress over less. we have spent less money this year than ever before and i'm good with that, happy in fact.
  • i will spend time reading scripture on my own and with my kiddos as we reflect on the meaning of the season.
  • i will get to the store asap so that my cubbards are stocked for food prep this weekend.
  • i will relax, let go and soak in the spirit of chirstmas.

what are you doing to make your week less stressful?


  1. I finished up 99.9% of everything last week. We are picking up already prepared food so that our Christmas will not be spent in the kitchen preparing anything. ((We just pop it into the oven/microwave)) I am reading my favorite holiday themed books, making yummy treats for the family and spending time doing things with the whole family. ((playing cards, watching holiday films!!)).
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday dear! ((sounds like you already are!!)) :)

  2. love this! i was thinking the same this weekend...and basked in it (see here: merry christmas to you!


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