January 3, 2012

::thoughts on motherhood [encouraging creativity in your children]::

creativity:: [kree-ey-tiv-i-tee]::
the ability to transcend traditional ideas, patterns, relationships, or the like, to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc. (source:: www.dictionary.com)

creativity is one thing that i am always nurturing in my children. i love their imaginations and their ability to create worlds only they can see. eisley recently watched the movie Annie and for days i was ms. hannigan and she and all of her stuffed animals were orphans. i heard a lot of "we love you ms. hannigan" and my floors never looked better. as we grow older we forget how fun it is to pretend and create. that's why we get to be parents so our children can remind us.

::encouraging creativity:

  • she loves to take pictures! kids want to do what they see their parents doing. so i gave her my camera and told her to take pictures of 5 things around the house of her choosing. once she had all the pictures taken she went to her craft table equiped with blank paper, makers and colored pencils to illustrate what she saw on the screen. she was very enthusiastic about the whole process and it was fun to see her interpretation of the pictures she had taken.

  • she loves to tell stories. we make up stories at bedtime many nights. to encourage her story-telling abilities i asked her to create a story and speak it to me as i typed it out. we would read over it and she would add a sentence or two and we would read it again. we giggled at the same parts every time and i was able to explain some basic rules of grammer to her as we wrote. i have saved this story and plan to revisit it and add to it often. the next step will be to illustrate it and create a little book as a keepsake for my four year old artist.
:books on creativity::

what do you do to encourage your childs creativity?


  1. Isn't this SO important?! My 6 yr old is quite the little artist....my principal recently pulled me out of a meeting to comment on his artwork...haha. He has always been happy with a clean sheet of paper and a new box of crayons. Lately I've loved trying new mediums (of sorts) with him....he gets frustrated with himself occasionally....something I've never seen him do....I can see he's worried more now about what others think....which worries me....I just keep encouraging and praising.

  2. Love both of your ideas for encouraging creativity. My daughter is very much into photography and book making lately and I know she will love these!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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