October 24, 2011

:on becoming okay with imperfection::

early morning saturday.
the boy beside me with his little feet barely reaching the edge of the cushion where he sits.
eisley sleeps in from hard play all week.
that sweet man of mine is out camping with friends.

the dryer hums in the background and the house smells like a mixture of marshmallows and fresh brewed coffee.
the floors are dirty. more noticable with the morning light showering in, and the laundry is piled high.

i'm becoming okay with imperfection.
i'm becoming okay with not getting it all done.

i sip my coffee while its hot and breath in Madeleine L'Engle's words of wisdom.
i feel rohen move- another fiesty little girl.
i look forward to three and dream about moments shared.
i soak in this moment, blinking, it's gone.

the floors will be mopped.
the laudry will get done.
but not now.
instead, in this moment, i will praise the slowness.

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  1. I. LOVE. THIS!!

    ps i love how you spelled Rohen !!

  2. Yes, this is something I also need to remind myself: it won't all get done right now!
    Beautiful photo, Melissa!

  3. so sweet! have an amazing week!

  4. what a lovely lovely post! I love the smell of coffee in the morning :)

  5. I posted on the same topic last week....not nearly as poetic, as early pregnancy has stolen my brain. :) but what an important lesson!

  6. Totally and completely! That is our number one challenge I think as women, being OK with "imperfections" around the house. I mean if you think about it, why do we feel so defeated by this, and are so affected? I mean NOTHING is perfect....absolutely nothing.
    Sweet post, thank you! We have to minute by minute tell ourselves these truths

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  8. What sweet sweet words. Your post painted a lovely picture. Glad to have found your blog.

  9. In a world of constant chaos, these are words of calm! Thanks for sharing!



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