June 10, 2011

::we have it backwards::

these are the people that need love the most. the ones hurting. the ones helpless. the ones that have made mistakes that cannot be hidden. the ones that are one step away from the edge. from giving up. from throwing in the towel.

there's judgement.
there's denial of a baby shower for the girl pregnant and unmarried.
there's denial of a marriage by their pastor because they have been divorced.
there's denial of friendship because he has an addiction.
there's denial of love because they do not fit the mold.

we all look away in discomfort.
but we go along because this is the body right? he is our shepherd right?
we have it backwards.
love the pregnant teenager first.
rejoice in a marriage new first.
love the drug addict first.
love first and always.

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  1. You have painted the picture. I am all for recognizing,the "firsts." I have grown into this, though.

  2. Thank you for writing! That was an excellent thought and use of the prompt!

  3. These are all such wonderful points, sadly ones too often overlooked. I had to go through some horrendous events to finally have my eyes opened to everyone else around me.

  4. GOOD GREAT AWESOME words! I love this. thank you for the REAL reminder of what Jesus would do in these situations. It's hard but hey, there was nothing easy about dying on the cross.. Thank you for this today! Be blessed.

  5. Amen. We must celebrate first things first!

  6. Love that the most beautiful words can be the most true! And love that these thoughts came from you in just five minutes!

  7. I couldn't agree more. I love you. You have such a wonderful heart my sweet friend.

  8. In my comment above, I meant that I am growing in grace thinking of those that have had difficult life experiences, not that I grew up in those "firsts." Thx for your email. ;)

  9. Love this thought. It's one I truly believe in and resonates within. Thanks for brightening my Friday morning!

  10. I love this! So true and I've thought some of the same things. :) Happy Friday!
    xo, cat (www.constantinchaos.blogspot.com)

  11. As the once single pregnant girl...here here

  12. You're a beautiful person.

  13. Wow - fantastic spin on this topic, Just wonderful!


  14. My sister was the single pregnant girl, and she needed people to surround her with love and grace at that time more than any other. I love that picture and the style of your words! It's all-together beautiful! :)

  15. LOVE! THIS! So glad I found your blog. Beautifully written.

  16. Great insight! So challenging! Thanks for being SO REAL here!

    Joining you from The Gypsy Mama!


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