August 11, 2011

::was this planned?::

that is the question most asked when i tell the exciting news.

{baby number 3 is on the way!}

so in response....YES this was planned. we have always wanted a big family. so we actually plan to have...wait for it... four children.

i  dream of the sound of little ones running through the house playing and squeeling with delight.

i dream of bunk beds in each room.

i dream of family vacations in our mini van- yes the one i vowed i would never own- packed to the brim with children and luggage.

i dream of them playing sports and cheering for one another.

i dream of family movie nights with a child under every arm.

i dream of setting the table for six.  stretching meals and budgets.

i dream of cooking for them and with them.

i dream of them being close.

i dream of them one day growing up and having families of their own to bring home for visits.

i dream....

so yes this was planned.
yes we are thrilled.
and yes we are blessed beyond measure!


  1. WONDERFUL, very exciting and dream big! Jane:)

  2. I'm from a family of 4 girls and I love it! Congratulations!!

  3. SOOOO excited for you!!! Congratulations!!!! :)

  4. Congratulations! I always wanted 4, too...somehow we got a bonus baby! ;)

  5. yay!!!!!!! so happy for you! woo hoo!

  6. Lovely!! :) children are such miracles and blessings! Love u!

  7. Congrats!!!! I love that you want a big family! So do I =)

  8. Melissa--CONGRATS! How funny, it would never have occurred to me to ask if it was silly! We would like to have 4 as well. :D What a blessing! So happy for you. How are you feeling?

  9. Congratulations..... I found you from the blog, "A Deeper Story"...

    I never knew how many I wanted.... I have five. I couldn't live without a single one...

    It's great to meet you!


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