November 10, 2011

::thoughts on trust::

i find it difficult to trust.
to trust the provision of sacrifice.
to trust the walking on water.
to trust the healing of a sick loved one or bringing them back to life.
to trust the hungry will be fed.
to trust the provisions for tomorrow like the lillies and the birds.
to trust the good things that are working out around me.

then i read something like this and see provision.
then i talk with this person and see healing.
then i discover this and this and see the hungry fed.
then i talk with this person

and she tells me that we should make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and feed those that don't have any food. that we should give them some of our toys. that we would share our clothes and she is jesus with skin on.

then i remember
"there is much that we cannot understand, but our lack of comprehension neither negates nor eliminates it" written by madeleine l'engle and i find comfort.

whether i trust or not god is at work.
so today i will trust that which i cannot understand and rest in gratitude as i soak it all in.

i'd love to hear your thoughts on trust.

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