October 11, 2011

::he is involved [take 3]::

as we were driving to meet with him my friend said in passing, "he couldn't even walk a few years ago. he only got around on a scooter."

it baffled me for a minute, having encountered him once before, and he seemed like the picture of health.

later we sat and he spoke with his thick southern accent, reminding me of a football coach, with deep blue eyes that became misty at times.

he explained the degenerative neurological disorder that has eight descriptive words in the entire name- that i could not repeat let alone spell. he shared how it revealed itself his last year of medical school and progressed over the following twenty years. every pressure point on his body caused excrutiating pain. he described it as the pain you have when you hit your funny bone, magnified by one million.

he couldn't walk.
he had to sleep with several pillows tucked into various places to relieve the pressure. just as he would get settled to fall asleep he would have to use the restroom. however, his body would not function properly so he had to catheterize himself. then go back to bed and repeat the process of tucking pillows here and there to get comfortable. finally, passing out from exhaustion for at most, two hours at a time.

he had been to every specialist.
he was taking the most pain medication he could without stopping his breathing and it didn't touch what he was feeling.
there was no cure.
there still isn't a cure.
people do not get well with this disease.

the words he spoke brought tears to my eyes.
"i bought a gun. it was going to be my last christmas."

i sat perched on the edge of my seat hanging on every word he said. i'm captivated by medical mysteries. i asked, "so how did you get better?"

he hesitated with his response. squeezing lemon into his tea. eyes fixed away, remembering.
he was vague.
careful with his answer.
"it was from above."

i didn't move. i needed more details.

i am constantly looking for god's involvement in every day life. in my search, i have learned that he is involved when i am involved and that he might just need my help to accomplish all he desires. but this....this is different. this is the healing recorded in the bible. this is the type of thing i question if it still happens.

he went onto say that a family member had been asking him to come to a prayer meeting. he is a believer, still hesistant, he resisted for a long while. as a last resort and to the brink of breaking with pain he could no longer endure, he said yes.

by the end of the week after the prayer meeting his nerve function showed 25% improvement.
within two weeks it had improved 50%.
within a month it had improved 75%.

he is walking.
he no longer feels pain.
he is healed.

how are you seeing god's involvment in every day life?

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  1. wow. what a beautiful thing. a miracle.
    I experience small ones every day and reading about this one helps me remember that I am loved. Thank you.

  2. Wow. I believe God CAN work miracles, but I don't believe I have ever met a person with miracle-story like this one.
    Thank you. SO MUCH. for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful story of overcoming. They are the best kind for me to hear right now.

    I must say I have trouble asking God to heal me. I still just can't believe it would ever happen to me. I just don't feel special enough. But I am finally taking that journey that will hopefully lead me to a place where I can ask that of Him as so many often do.

    Right now, I just asked Him for the strength to get through each day with my mental illness. When I don't feel strong enough I've been leaning on him.

    I still have hope. I do. I just have to find it.


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