November 9, 2011

::a season of slowness::

the leaves fall and the sun goes to bed earlier now.
the season invites a slowness of sorts.
the cold weather makes me want to hunker down under blankets with babies snuggled near, coffee in hand and books to be read.

i love the slowness.
i love the moments to sit and watch my little ones be little.
i love the moments to engage in the story eisley is telling in her mind.
i love the moments of little man driving his trucks, playing drums and air guitar.
i love the moments when jacob lays his head in my lap so we can breathe them in together.

the season also invites chaos with holidays to celebrate, family gatherings, baking, making presents and the running here and there.
even in the midst of choas, i will choose slowness.
i will choose to enjoy this fleeting season.
i will choose to take opportunities to teach and learn.
i will choose to bless and be blessed.

what will you choose for this season?


  1. I'm the same way. Although I am not a fan of cold, I do love the way things naturally slow down this time of year.

    I'm really trying to be present this season. Instead of grumbling about lack of sunshine and having to wear SOCKS AND SHOES (ugh), I'm trying to just be present in the moment and fully appreciate this season for all that it is.

    And hunkering down under blankets with coffee and kiddos certainly does help. :)

  2. This is my favorite time of year...the slowness brings somewhat of a calmness as well in my house! The long days make me feel more productive and more time to do things with my family!
    I choose calmness!!


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