February 6, 2014

:what i'm into // january edition:

january has been a blur. even though we have committed our days to slowing down they still seem to have moved at warp speed when looking back. i usually spend most of january recovering from the rush of december. we do a lot of purging and organizing. the month of january also has me in birthday mode with two girlies to celebrate early in february. none-the-less i have been into things that might peak your interest. 

read and reading

i read Pastrix by Nadia Boltz-Weber and loved it. she's raw and genuine in her love for jesus and others. i love how transparent she is with her feelings. she's not perfect and doesn't pretend to be. a recovering alcoholic and cynic turned lover is just sheer beauty to me.

also read Unschooling Rules by Aldrich Clark
this is a great read for anyone considering the path of home education. he gives many benefits to an alternative style of teaching our children. this is our second year homeschooling but i found the book encouraging for our journey.

as a read aloud with the children this month i choose Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren. when i read the first chapter there were some harsh words and phrases which made me question if it was appropriate for my little first grader and four year old that would listen in. i read a bunch of reviews that sang its praises so we read on and i'm so glad we did. this book is about a girl learning to be herself. learning to be honest and do the right thing when those around her do not. it's about a father's great love for his daughter and her great love for her friend. i highly recommend it. 

currently i'm reading Free to Learn by Peter Gray. two chapters in and it is rocking my world. also, picked up Take This Bread by Sara Miles and started it last night before bed. i think i'm going to like it as well. she shares about her conversion via the eucharist and how she started food pantries and began feeding people all across the state in response. 

not sure what our next read aloud will be for the children for now we are returning to little house on the prairie. we go back to it often in between the other things we are reading. so much knowledge and life lessons to be gained in the stories told. 


i watched the following, season one. it was disappointing but a good filler while folding laundry. parenthood leaves me in tears every single week. we are waiting for the return of the walking dead and scandal. 


i've been listening to all sons and daughters or gungor in the mornings. when the kids are outdside playing or i'm cleaning house i crank up dashboard confessional or the cure radio. throughout the rest of the day we keep the pandora station set on Symphony no. 5. it plays a beautiful mixture of classical music from many different composers. 

things i love

running. my husband is training for a half marathon and has been encouraging me to do the same. i've always loved running but i've never been a long distance runner. i'm setting goals and working toward them! 

coffee dates with this gal and this one scheming about something awesome in 2014. 

sunday nights with friends. 

this piece of art that i hope to hang on my wall soon. 

date nights often granted by loving parents that are amazing grandparents. 

this is a perfect gift for teachers or friends or your kiddos as a sweet surprise! use code VALENTINE to save 15%. also the more you buy the more you save so check out the bundles.
i would love it if you joined me in this!  follow me on instagram @melissabeaver and #thefunmomproject to see all the goodness. 

taking pictures of my kiddos in case you hadn't noticed. here are two that i love!
what are you into?

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