February 18, 2014

:thoughts on marriage // valentine's edition:

we woke up just like any other day, except we were at his parents house. due to the winter storm we camped out there with all the darlings to enjoy sledding and snow cream and all the goodness of childhood memories in the making. as you well know he is the more playful one. the one that stays out until tiny fingers and toes are nearly frozen then brings them in for thawing and cuddles. i dress and undress them in seventeen layers each because southerners are so ill-prepared for snow we close schools and even walmart when the flakes start falling. 

on this day, that was just like any other day, we did not offer special gifts of candies or flowers. that's not our thing. we offered hugs and kisses and the knowing glance, of yes, this is just fine with me. once the snow began to melt we collected our little ones and made our way home. there we had take out and spent the evening snuggling the three we love most in this world. once sleep overcame them we fell into the couch, the one worn by the bouncy feet of four year old boy and many years of a growing family. 

the next day he sent me off for a run, because he knows how much i love it and how much i struggle to get away. the to-do list is so long and there is always something to interfere, some excuse to be offered. yet he knows what i need and makes way for my needs to be met. i came home to grab a shower for date night, so graciously provided by my mom. there under the door i found my favorite thing in all the world. Words. kind words, words of affirmation are truly medicine for my soul. my soul that is often weary in this journey of faith and motherhood. this journey of living out the love and calling to the upside-down kingdom of jesus. this journey of figuring out how i fit my small, every day things in the big bring-heaven-to-earth message that jesus taught. he gave the gift no money can buy. exactly what my heart needed. yes this, this is what love looks like for us. 

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  1. wow :) you really are so super talented with your lovely words...and such a beautiful person ... stay strong C


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