February 3, 2014

:thoughts on motherhood // the year of fun:

we let her sleep in our bed the night before her big day. as we tucked her in i reminisced about that same night seven years before. jacob looked at me from the other side of her and smiled that knowing smile. the one that lets me know we are on the same page and makes me weak in the knees all at the same time. i told her how we were going to bed and when i laid down my body told me she would be here soon. she didn't ask for details, she doesn't need them yet. her little heart simply needs only the details of how big our love is for her. jacob told her how it snowed the day she was born. that part of the story, her story, is magical in her eyes because she loves snow and we don't get it often. what a birthday present for such a tiny one!

after snuggles and giggles we tucked her in and gave her kisses knowing when she awoke the next morning the realization of a full year come and gone would fall heavy on this mama heart. 

the birthday girl told me her desired theme for the party and we went to work late in the night to make it happen. birthdays are a very big deal around here. we celebrate the person like crazy, but we keep things simple. birthdays are always celebrated here at our little home. we invite our family and close friends to join in the fun. this means 30-35 people cram into our place and not a complaint is made. conversation and laughter ring from wall to wall. children run in and out. doors are left open. dirt is tracked everywhere and i couldn't be happier, for my little one is truly celebrated. 
we had some special time together this weekend. i talked her into a photo session for her seventh birthday. seven must be documented, i told her. after a couple of outfit choices she landed on the new blue dress gifted by her mimi. add a scarf, a sweater and a top knot and we were off. we went down town and walked around. she looked in shop windows and admired cars that went down the road. she giggled with her new dolly, francine and insisted she accompany her in the photos. i didn't mind. i stayed up late sewing francine as a surprise on her special day. eisley has a deep love for the eiffel tower and all things paris. so francine was made of this fabric and the birthday girl was elated. 
after a ton of photos we made a stop by goodwill. there she picked out a bell for herself and a car for her brother and we finally found a beautiful sheet for the back part of the quilt we are making, we headed home. on the way we talked about year seven. i suggested we give it a name. i offered several suggestions and she turned those gorgeous green eyes to the sky as she thought hard. the year of fun, she said. yes, the year of fun is perfect! i went on to explain that we could make even the things we didn't love so much fun because we are together and that alone brings joy. we topped that off with a little tickle session because, FUN! 


  1. Love this post! And beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! :)


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