October 17, 2012

:the one where we delight in pumpkins:

some days are harder than others on this journey of motherhood. some days nothing falls into place and no one cooperates with the schedule i have laid out for us. some days the walls start to cave in, wrestless souls bouncing off of them.

we made our way to the pumpkin patch not far from our home. i wanted to grab a couple of pictures of the darlings and let them pick out a tiny pumpkin just their size. we arrived. they were tired and a tad grumpy making them less than enthused about my picture taking.

a lady greeted us and followed us around as we explored the pumpkins, sitting and climbing on some. she was a grandmother, radiating excitement over my little ones. they were unresponsive to some of her questions so i gently reminded them of their manners and their opportunity to bless others through conversation.

she offered no judgement while they struggled to be friendly. she doted over them and encouraged them to see the biggest and strangest pumpking during their exploration. she saw me taking pictues of them and came over and offered to take some of all of us.

a small act, a huge blessing.
one mother encouraging another.

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