October 22, 2012

:the one where fall invites lingering:

schedules and obligations bind.
then fall enters with its explosion of color and wisps of chil in the air. a gentle beckoning to slowness. an invitation to linger.

linger under fluffy duvet covers holding tight the one you love.
linger hand in hand crunching leaves under foot.
linger over warm lips, soft to touch.
linger over hot coffee and the sounds of birds not yet ready to fly south.
linger over sunshine bouncing off the cheeks of children twirling.
linger over conversations with friends.
linger over stories shared by little ones.
linger over meals and the fullness they bring.
linger over memories made.
just linger.

[linger :: to be slow in parting or quitting something]

let us be slow in parting this season.

*joining carissa for miscellany monday


  1. I adore that photo, the fallen leaves are so pretty!!
    And I am so glad that the air is having a little nip to it!! I adore Autumn + this beautiful post!! Have a splendid week dear!! xo

  2. this is the best season (in my opinion). It's absolutely beautiful and perfect weather. Hope you and your sweet family and doing well! xo

  3. that picture makes me really happy...and so does Fall! how can you not be happy in the fall? : ) love it!

  4. I am going to echo what everyone else said, I love that photo, so cute!

  5. A beautiful season to linger!! Sweet post! xo Heather


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