October 16, 2012

:the one with candy corn and jesus:

i walked into the room and saw him in the floor. mouth full of candy corn with the open jar right in front of him. i looked at him and said his name, he fell into my lap crying mountains of tears speaking words i couldn't understand. i said nothing for a moment. the weight of the situation shocked me to silence.

far too many times in my wanderings have i found myself somehwhere that was not part of His plan. too many times the road of feel good was more desirable than the road of right. i have been there, little one. red handed, dirty, mouth full of things unlovely and impure. then grace entered in and my wandering turned to dwelling. dwelling in grace, for there is always enough.

grace poured from the depths of my soul on to my boy that day. grace that was used but never used up. grace that covers a multitude of wrongs and continues to cover.

i hugged him and told him he was forgiven and that mommy was not mad at him. tears the size of gum drops overflowed the rim of those brilliant blue eyes and he knew.


*just writing with heather


  1. If my children have taught me anything, it's that forgiveness is so much easier to give, more available, less painful than the repentance. When will I learn...


  2. How beautiful it is when God's grace is passed from us to our children! Thank you for sharing! We're neighbors today at Just Write! Blessings! simplyhelpinghim.com

  3. Stopping by from Just Write. This was beautiful. "Grace that was used but never used up. Grace that covers a multitude of wrongs and continues to cover." Love those lines. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. So sweet!Such a good image!

  5. Your third paragraph really spoke to me. And I loved that I read this today on a day that I really needed to. Beautiful. :)


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