August 15, 2012

:the one with the changing seasons:

late night chatter with a friend brings back memories of when friendships first formed. dreams of a place for moms to be together and encourage one another. scripture was read with little ones at our feet, just one or two per mom. now some have two. some have three. conversations are rarely finished. thoughts hardly complete. yet the season holds such sweetness. a time of growth, comradery and encouragement more precious than any earthy possession.

seasons change.

fall can be felt in the cool night air. refreshing after so many hot summer nights. ten children among us now. public schooling, homeschooling and a longing for deeper relationships with Him take us on different paths. some go this way, some another. this breaking away is not personal. we do not battle flesh and blood. different desires bring about different choices.

his unfailing love washes over me reminding of his plans. the stars and sand tell how great is his love for us.


we laugh holding our coffee mugs, the fancy ones, warm with fresh coffee straight from the press. we catch up on family, work and our current obsession, Lost.

my heart longs for community, i tell her. my longing, no my calling, to be with and encourage other mothers on this journey. i talk about my search for a church to call home like that one when i was a little girl. she has a place and reflects on its blessing.

after many hours the sun is gone and so is our coffee. if it weren't for the tiny ones that need us before the sun rises i think we could have talked all night. we hug tight, thankful for friendship and coffee. yes coffee, that nectar that unites and awakens the soul, thank you jesus. we plan our sleep over to watch the series finale of this show that keeps me both confused and hooked. i close the door behind her and exhale. moments later i fall into my bed, soft and welcoming, with a full full heart.

*late to the party, just writing with heather


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.