August 9, 2012

:the one about the small church that loved:

it was a small country church tucked away at the end of a side street. it had the most beautiful trees in the front yard, perfect for climbing or switches. i preferred the climbing but it was tough in those dresses with the lace and frills and tights and white patent leather shoes.

the steps led down to the sunday school rooms. the ones with the felt boards and noah's ark. there was a nursery that housed two cribs and a rocking chair and not much else but boy did i want to be big enough to be in there helping with the babies. especially the babies that were with that young couple, the foster parents.

the old rugged cross still plays in my mind, sung by Preacher, cause everyone called them Preacher back then. he was blind and wheelchair bound and could sing with such sincerity you knew that the old rugged cross meant something to him. he was good to my mama when she needed goodness in her life.

i had a friend and she was beautiful. she had hair down to her rear and wore the fanciest dresses. she was being raised by her grandparents, he led the music and she played the piano and they sang old hyms in harmony. they went to western steer every single sunday after church and i always hoped she would ask me to go home with her because that meant i could have steak tips and gravy.

this was a time when homecomings were something to look foward to. members, past and present, would come back for food and fellowship and us kids would chase and play and laugh for hours upon hours.

i'm sure women weren't allowed in leadership then and maybe you had to believe the same as everyone else to take part and communions might have been closed but if it was so, i didn't know it. i only knew the love of the people there.

he said you would know his people by their love.
let it be so today.

john 13:34-35
a new commandment i give you: love one another. as i have loved you, so you must love one this everyone will know you are my disciples if you love one another.


  1. I just love the picture you painted! What sweet memories to have! That is such a great verse too! That sounds like a pretty neat friend :)


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