August 13, 2012

:the one where we soak up the last days of summer:

she loves to dress up and twirl like a ballerina. the love for dancing? she gets that honest. daily i turn up the music and dance parties commence. i hold baby girl and we prance around the dinning room table through the kitchen back to the living room making a soul train of sorts.

the boy loves his cars and that old blanket made by his great grandmother he will only know through stories. the blanket was made for his daddy but perfect for my little guy with cars all over. i spread it on the grass in the warm sunlight and he lays down and drives his cars all around town, or wherever his imagination takes them.

baby girl just happily tags along and takes interest in whatever the big kids are doing or finding something to put in her mouth as teething has taken over.

we step away from television and technology and enjoy the warmth of the fleeting days of summer. we laugh and snuggle and tickle and giggle. we are learning to love well in all seasons.

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