August 17, 2012

:the one where she learns to cook:

i have decided to add a little more responsibility to my kindergartner. she lights up when i give her tasks that her younger brother and sister cannot manage. she wants to lead and she loves to learn. as a way to nurture her love for cooking, incorporate math and teach responsibility, eisley will now be in charge of the family meals on wednesdays. she will get to choose what we have (within reason), grocery shop for the supplies, think about serving size and the time it takes to prepare the meal as well as be the leader from start to finish. i will simply assist, teach and encourage along the way.

i got the recipe for homemade alfredo sauce from a friend to use as our first meal. eisley added all the ingredients to the pan and stirred until it was melted, careful not to get to close to the hot element. she broke the fettucini noodles and dropped them in the boiling water. she helped saute the mushrooms. we placed the food on each plate together and she topped them with parsley. the meal was delicious and she was totally proud of herself.

do you cook with your children? i'd love some easy recipes if you have any to recommend!

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  1. so dang adorable! that is the cutest little cook I've ever seen, I love how you involve here and that she so enjoys it;) the alfredo looks delish, recipe?!

    I do tacos with my daughter all the time, and we do cookies a lot and pasta together too. tacos are really fun!


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