December 1, 2011

::in december, i will::

i already feel the pull. the need to rush and hurry. the to-do lists turn over in my mind at night. the calendar pages seem to flip over like leaves in rushing wind.


it insists on being a part of the holiday season. it pushes and prods into every moment planned like it has the right to be there. it loves to change our focus to the negative. it loves to bogg us down and make us feel overwhelmed and unaccomplished.

i have decided to receive december differently this year. to welcome it like a warm blanket on a cold winters day. to wrap myself in all of the loveliness it has to offer. to focus on the gift and not the gift-giving.

today is the first, a new beginning. i can start over with my to-do list. i can start over with my plans. i can take another look at my calendar and weed out the unnecessary.

in december...

i will sit and hold my coffee tight, breathing in the aroma and feeling the warmth between my fingers.

i will put aside my computer, my books, my dirty floors and dishtowels and go running when the little ones call.

i will sit and play with them, imagine with them undivided by my to-do list.

i will make memories with my family.

i will laugh more and be silly.

i will have more coffee dates and play dates unconcerned about the appearance of my home.

i will take more walks with my family.

i will make hot chocolate and play pretty pretty princess.

i will anticipate the coming of christ with great expectation this advent season.

i will take great joy in hiding nat our elf on the shelf each day for the children to find.

i will admire the beauty of christmas every day.

i will roll with the punches that may come.

i will stress less.

i will steal more kisses from jacob and hugs from my darlings.

i will write notes and cards to those i love and care for as time allows.

i will not worry that i do not have a christmas card to send out this year.

i will not worry that my gift is or isn't enough.

i will not worry about what i do not have time for.

but i will praise the slowness of december.

how about you friend? how will you spend december?


  1. Beautiful! :) I love all the joys December and winter time bring! Especially with little ones...

  2. oh friend, i hear you. i hate feeling behind at the beginning. so let's not. let's slow down and enjoy. sounds good.

  3. I absolutely love the picture of you and Eisley! It is so sweet! Also... I am wanting to make y'all some dinner one night and bring it to you! Just so you can enjoy your family without worrying about dinner. I was thinking about chili simply because you can freeze it if you have leftovers. Brandon has a yummy black bean recipe, but I will do whatever you want!! You just let me know what you and the kids like and what day is best for y'all!! Love you!


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