November 30, 2011

::thoughts on family [tradition edition]::

we left the house early that morning with great anticipation. we were going to get our CHRISTMAS TREE!! every time we said it, we yelled it, hands in the air, smiles on our faces.

we drove into the mountains, old school santa claus playing on the dvd player, hearts filled with joy. durgin pointed out every moo-cow and tractor he saw while eisley sang christmas songs.

we arrived and headed up the mountain to choose and cut our christmas tree, kids in tow. we searched for the perfect tree while eisley ran round and round each one giggling. i spent my time making sure durgin didn't go tumbling down the mountain head over heels.

we picked our tree and went back down the mountain, hand holding hand, proud of our pick.

traditions: the passing down of customs.

we plan to carry on this tradition every year.
hopeful that they will treasure this time when they are grown.
hopeful they will remember the time we shared, the songs we sang, the time spent as a family.

what are some of your family traditions?


  1. Ohhh that sounds so lovely, such a great tradition to have! I wish I had me a car and somewhere close by I could cut down our own tree!

  2. how fun! this makes me wish we did a real tree! one tradition we have i spending the night at my parents house on christmas eve. we all wake p there in the morning to a HUGE christmas breakfast. i love it.


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