November 29, 2011

:he's mine in the morning:

eyes that captivate, just like his daddy and blonde hair we both had as tinies. he's full-blast from sun up to sun down. i watch him now as he lays on his belly eating dry cheerios (waiting on his real breakfast) watching seasame street. elmo is every kids best friend. cars lined up under his feet.

crunch crunch crunch.

i take it all in. the view from over my laptop as my fingers taps the keys.
the written word freezes time. saves this moment to the deepest part of my mind.


this boy, this blessing that loves his daddy with all his might. daddy's boy to the core. he snuggles with daddy unprompted. he kisses daddy and says things like "you're so sweet." he always greets his daddy first and when i get him up in the morning daddy is the first thing he asks for.

he has something i never had and for that i am overwhelmed with gratitude.

the morning tells a different story.
it's just us.
me and the little guy.
we talk, he is definitely my boy because he loves to talk.
he's silly and i'm silly.
he snuggles and i snuggle him right back.
he is mine in the morning.

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  1. My girl is a daddy's girl, and when she chooses Mommy, it's magical.

  2. So perfect! Those moments alone with just one are so important.

  3. Ah yes. Those times are the best! Gorgeous photos!

  4. I love that my daughter is so close to her daddy too. I missed out on a lot of time with mine and was a single parent for several years so my heart lights up when I see them together and still as much as she's a daddy's girl she's mine too and I cherish the time she and I get to share just the two of us :)

    Your post so sweet and you Little so adorable!


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