October 10, 2011

::crafty mccrafterson {pumpkin edition}::

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
― Pablo Picasso

my children love art. they love to create, imagine and make simple things beautiful.  as a mom, it's my pleasure to encourage and nurture their love for all things creative.

the kiddos aquired several small pumpkins from their recent trip to the pumpkin patch at Patterson Farm. in an attempt to create art with both of my little ones  (ages 4.5 and 2), the following project came to life.


white paint
paint brushes
black felt
mod podge

the little darlings painted the pumpkin white. they did it with brushes and it was a little streaky so when it was dry i spray painted it white to cover the blemishes. they didn't notice- they were busy riding their horsey's around the yard.

then i cut out felt pieces. eisley carefully applied mod podge and stuck them on our newly painted pumpkin.

voila' a ghost pumpkin to grace our porch. 
(ignore the light spots- the glue wasn't quite dry when i took this photo. it dried completed clear)

the kids love it and talk about it as they go in and out of the house.

what are you guys crafting these days?

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  1. Darling. I love white pumpkins. What a great craft!

  2. Great idea, and white pumpkins are a favorite of mine too! I'm spending much of my crafting time on preparing for a fall arts and crafts fest - should be fun!


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