October 4, 2011

::he is involved [take 2]::

i am constantly looking for god's involvement in my life and the lives of other people. i question almost daily why he doesn't step in and do something about the children being sold into slavery and sex trafficking? why doesn't he make food fall from heaven in the horn of africa? why doesn't he heal those children that fill brenners hospital from cancer?

then i have conversations like the one i had with krissy. she didn't say anything new but she said exactly what i needed to hear.

last night i was reading traveling mercies by ann lamott and came across this passage:

Again and again, I tell God I need help, and God says, "Well isn't that fabulous? Because I need help too. So you go get that old woman over there some water, and I'll figure out what we're going to do about your stuff." Maybe Rick [who has stage four cancer in this story] had told God (as he understands God) that he needed some energy that morning, and God had said,"Well great, because Sam Lamott needs a ride to school. Could you do that for me? And I'll be getting your some strength."

another example of how when we get involved, god gets involved. or maybe i should say his involvement becomes evident.

i am processing these thoughts.
i am aware and looking for opportunities for when god might need my help.
for i am convinced, when i am involved, god is involved.

i'd love to hear your thoughts. when and where do you see god's involvement?

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