October 5, 2011

::crafty mccrafterson::

at the first sign of cool weather i sat down with eisley and did our first fall craft of the year. durgin still takes a rest time in the mornings in his crib with books for about an hour. this allows for one-on-one crafting with my little art lover.

"every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"
-pablo picasso

eisley has a deep love for the arts. she loves painting, sewing, reading, drawing and story-telling. i have memories as a child of writing stories on our living room coffee table and drawing pictures to go along. in my tween years i took time to sit on my grandmothers rusted yard swing under a dogwood tree sketching wedding dresses like i was a top designer. as the years went on my desire for artist endevors lessoned as sports and boys and responsibility came into the picutre. however, i am now revisiting my love for art and all things crafty and finding that it is a truly a gift from the Creator that we too can create.

embroidery hoop
mod podge

i simply covered the hoop with a cream 8x10 piece of felt and then trimmed the edges. i cut out a tree with limbs and eisley glued it to the cream felt. i also cut out all the leaves free handed. i gave the supplies to eisley and she added little dab of mod podge on the back of each leave and meticulously placed them all around the branches.

we talked about fall and how the leaves change colors and {fall} to the ground. so she made sure to demonstrate by having the one little leaf falling. such an eye for detail here. once all the leaves were attached and dry we placed it near our entry way for all to enjoy.

what have you been creating lately?

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  1. That is so simple and SO BEAUTIFUL. I am raising one natural artist and I find myself constantly challenged to nurture her love for the arts (especially now that she is public school!). I love that quote from Picasso, too.

    This is so sweet. I have to pin it!

  2. i love this post. i think it's so important to encourage little ones to be creative. not only because they may be artists someday, but because it effects their whole life.

    you are awesome.

  3. I love this!!!! Such a fun project---I'm obsessed with trees, so I wouldn't mind making this :)

  4. ...and we're finding our little artists' are learning to use their creative moments as springboards for encouraging others. They desire to give some of their creations away, and its so precious!

  5. btw...this is cute in your blog and 10 times cuter in your living room! LOVE-IT!!!


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