September 29, 2011

::the nights that sleep won't come::

it was but the slightest thump thump.
below the surface.
so gentle i had to be still and prayed for quiet so i could notice it again.
the little one making itself known.

those nights when sleep simply won't come, i place my hands just below my belly button and wait, nearly holding my breath.
thump thump.
comfort washes over me and holds me like a warm blanket.
i think of Him. the creator of all things.
it is in these moments that i trust Him most.

He is here.
He is present.
He is involved.
He is still creating in and through me.

He is the potter, i am the clay.
the clay...spinning and molding and being shaped with the promise of beauty in the end.

how are you recognizing Him today?

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