September 27, 2011

::lessons learned about simplifying::

i recently read organized simplicity by tsh oxenreider and i just started practicing the way of jesus by mark scandrette. both super inspiring books about reducing materialism and living simply so that we can better serve those around us.

{lessons learned}

1. less things = more free time.

the less clothes my family owns the less laundry i have to do.
the less things we have in our home the less things i have to clean.
the less i desire things the less time i spend roaming the aisles of shopping centers.
all of this means more time for my precious family.

2. less things = more creativity

we spend time making toys with the children.
we spend time exploring more artistic endevors with our children.
we spend time in nature and enjoying the things god has given us to enjoy.
all of this means my family grows more tightly knit as we create.

3. less things = more care for gods people

we can teach our children about our privilege to care for gods people.
we can teach our children that others have less and need our help.
we can teach our children to give and love and serve.
all of this will bring joy to our family and those we encounter.

what do you do to simplify? and why do you choose to do it?

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  1. love this! yes - less laundry! less clutter. love this. I am trying to simplify the technology in my life - less Facebook! :)


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