September 20, 2011

::lessons learned from my daughter::

i heard her from the driveway- "DADDY!!"

he had just put her to bed as a friend dropped me off. he came outside to say hi and we chatted for a few moments. she must have called for him and he didn't come so she wandered through the house in search of us. the windows were open and i caught just a glimpse of her head bobbing through the living room. i knew she was scared so i rushed to the door and i said her name as i approached. when she heard me she ran to the door to meet me- tears flowing. sobbing.

i held her close and told her we were sorry.
i assured her we would NEVER leave her alone that if she didn't see us we were always near.

she layed her head on my shoulder and hugged me tight and said, "but mommy, i was so frightened."

i think my heart broke into a million pieces and fell to the ground before my very eyes.

i know baby. i whispered. i'm so sorry.

in my heart i was saying, i've been there. i've felt alone like no one was near. i searched for someone i couldn't find.

then i felt in my innermost being god saying, i was right here. so close. i would never leave you.

what lessons have you learned from your children lately?

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  1. beautiful! I actually wrote a post about this very subject today, too. Isn't it amazing how God uses our children to teach us the very basics of His love for us? Parenthood has been such a blessing to me for so many reasons, and especially for what it has done for my relationship with Jesus.

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Enough said.

  3. Oh they do teach us so much, don't they? Lately I've been thinking about how they teach me to live more fully with joy. They do that so well.

    Thank you for joining me!


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