September 19, 2011

::you know how zack morris could freeze time with a "time-out"....yeh, that::

we were leaving the park, just the little one and me, hand in hand. it was slow going as his little legs will only carry him so fast at two years of age. the park was packed. people everywhere. suddenly time stood still. i looked down to notice his tiny dimpled hand in mind just barely reaching without having to stretch.

a moment forever burned in my mind.
a remember-this-as-it-goes-by-too-fast kind of moment.
a stop rushing and thinking about nap times and adgendas for the love of god and soak this in kind of moment.
so i did.
i took a deep breath and breathed in his beautiful white blonde hair, stunning blue eyes and soft squishy skin.
i took it all in.
every. single. detail.
like smelling a flower for the first time in spring.
deep, eyes-closed, breath.

my full-of-wonder boy.
my always conversing boy.
my smiley, giggly, happy boy.
my "where's my daddy?" boy.
my snuggler.
my thumb-sucker.
my mick-mick lover.
my choc milk addict.
my couldn't-function without a train, truck or car in hand little one.
my boy.
mine all mine.

these are the moments i cherish.
how about you mama's...what are you cherishing today?

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  1. aw ... i'm cherishing reading and snuggling on this rainy day ... they spent the whole weekend with the grandparents so they are being extra lovie today ;) love your blog ... coming from life made lovely monday!


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