September 6, 2011

::god is in my room::

mornings are my time. 5am- yes please. the house is hushed. only the hum of fans blowing can be heard. for nearly four months now, since this one began to grow inside, i have fought my mind and body tooth and nail to continue my 5am routine, unsuccessfully. these days it's 6am, sometimes 7am before i finally drag myself out of the coziness of bed. i usually welcome the pitter patter and good morning kisses of the little ones around 7am.

a few mornings ago, after making breakfast, i decided to sit with a cup of coffee and have a few moments in the Word. I plopped myself into my favorite spot and opened my bible.

immediately eisley came and said: "mommy will you play with me in my room?"

i responded: "yes baby, just give me 5 minutes to spend with god and then i am all yours."

her response full of seriousness and intent, "mommy, god is in my room too!"

so my time of worship was spent playing dinosaurs.
i have never felt closer to god.

where do you find god?

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