August 16, 2011

::the question i asked 1000 times::

{how do you know who you are supposed to marry?}

i wondered about my prince charming from a very young age. as young as elementary school i pictured my wedding with the fella i had my eye on at the time. i doodled wedding dresses and thought about color themes and brides maids.

i wandered into young adulthood with same question in the forefront of my mind. every married person i encountered faced the fifth degree.

how did you know he was the one?

and every person i talked with gave me the same answer:

you just know.

as a young person this did NOT offer much comfort to my searching heart. i was with someone and didn't just know he was the one. so i considered their answers nonsense instead of wisdom and went on with my life thinking i might just marry that guy.

we broke up and i began a deep friendship with this other fella. we hung out. we watched movies. we played tennis. we played cards (and footsie). we got to know each other. we were friends. great great friends. friends that began dating. friends that fell in love. friends that got married. friends that became parents.

so you might be asking, how did you know he was the one?

my answer:: i just knew.

{{happy anniversary to the love of my life...jacob}}


  1. Happy anniversary! I agree, you just know.

  2. aww precious!! Happy Anniversary! so sweet! I told my Mom 2 weeks after dating Mike that I would marry him one day...and 3 years later, I did.
    I heart Love!

  3. LOVE IT! Finding your soul mate/best friend is amazing! next week i will be married 3 months! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!


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