July 26, 2011

::the big day::

my little guy is two years old today.
i know it's cliche but honestly...where does the time go?
so many moments. fleeting.
i write. i take pictures. i remain in the moment.
but in the blink of an eye it's gone and we are on to the next.

i want to freeze these moments in time.
i want to memorize his expression as he drives his matchbox cars up and down my legs stretched out on the ottoman.
i want to forever burn the sound of his giggles into my memory.
i want to capture each moment and store it away as treasure.

a few of those treasures are the way he gives hugs and kisses freely.
the way he wraps his arms around his sister when she stands arms open wide.
the way he says "i la you mama" and "ilay" for eisley and "oh maaaan."
the way he turns his head down a bit when he meets someone new.
the way he is wide open from sun up to sun down.
the way he jumps off the diving board like he's been doing it for years.
the way he loves his daddy.
the way he loves death cab for cutie.
the way he sings along without knowing the words.
the way he talks non-stop.
the way he loves his mickey mouse.
the way he calls every animal he sees a "moo."
the way he is mine. sweet boy.

happy happy 2nd birthday durgin!


  1. your little guy is flippin ADORABLE! :) so cute.

  2. what a wonderful picture! 2 years old is a great age!

  3. What a sweet photo! Happy birthday to your sweet boy...a week or so late. :) Also, happy day of birthing to you! Births are big for mamas and babies. Both should be celebrated!


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