April 4, 2011

patience for the {why?}

why do i have to eat my fruit?
why do i have to brush my teeth?
why do i have to go outside?
why do we have to go to the store?
why do i have to be good to my brother?
why do i have to use my manners?
why do i have to take a nap?
why do you have to go to work?
why does durgin have to take a rest time?
why do i need to clean up my toys?
why can't i jump on the bed?
why can't i eat red things?
why can't i have coffee?
why can't i use your phone?
why do i need to do a craft?
why do i have to sit in my car seat?
why can't i see god?
why do the angels watch over me?
why aren't the angels scared?
why does jesus love the children?
why do i have to be kind?

the {why's?} are unending. she's exploring and learning. the {why's?} are her way of figuring things out. understanding this thing called life and how we fit into it. so daily i am praying patience for the {why's?}. she can always ask {why?}...i can handle the {why?}.

and if i, in all my human, imperfect glory, can handle the {why?} from my four year old... then so can god when i ask the {why?}.

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