March 31, 2011

::is it as simple as a prayer?::

i was on my way in.
she was on her way out.
she was looking for someone. but that someone was nowhere to be found.
frantically she approached me. there was urgency in her expression. she needed to know and she needed to know right now.

we had a guest evangelist speaking that week.
he was emphatic that you must know the time and place you came to know jesus, prayed the sinners prayer, changed your life or you most likely did not know him at all.

she couldn't remember.
she was scared.
i didn't have words for her.
i didn't know the answers.
so we simply prayed together and never spoke of the incident again.

is it that simple?

was i saved when i waited in line at five years old to say a prayer behind ten other five year olds with my sunday school teacher?

or was it when i had a huge fight with my mom and was terrified that we would die in a car crash on the way to the beach so she lead me in the sinners prayer?

or was it when i was a freshman in college at a conference, emotions high, when i realized i wanted to truly know god?

or was it yesterday when nothing seemed to go my way that i cried out to god?

i'm not sure exactly when it happened. i just know that i have a relationship with god through jesus.
time and place?
it's irrelevant.
god wants an on-going, ever-growing, loving relationship with me...with us.


  1. I've prayed that same prayer more than once & I agree, doesn't matter when or where, just that we are always seeking after Him.

  2. Melissa - I put it like this...Are the wedding vows spoken at the alter the actual marriage? Than why do we equate words spoken at an alter as "salvation"? My vows to my wife are empty without the ongoing relationship...same with the so called sinners prayer. It makes no sense to me at all.

    Great post!

  3. Well said. The beauty is that we DO return to the Divine again and again and again in hundreds of little ways.

  4. Beautiful post! Especially the last line that said 'God wants an on-going, ever-growing, loving relationship with me...with us.'
    xo, Gabriella


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