April 5, 2011

::the feeling that what is wanted can be had::

she's four. i'm thirty-three. she is amazing. i am ocd. she is creative and whimsical. i am ocd.

as the wind blows and the birds sing my mind fills with the things i want to instill in her. it's a big job. bigger than my capabilities. but i have high hopes.

i hope...
we are super close- always.
i can be a nurturing mommy all of her life.
to always show patience.
to listen...always taking time to listen. stop what i am doing and listen.
to be her cheerleader.
to be her biggest supporter.
to believe in her....and in her ideas.
to laugh with her.
to cry with her.
to help her find balance in the chaos of life.
to teach her to be a I Corinthians 13 kind of friend-
the kind that loves endlessly, forgives every wrong and forgets them forever.
she will use her words.
she will look for a better way.
she will stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves.
she will give. give. and give some more.
she will serve others
she will show kindness.
she will die to the hurtful kind of pride.
she will love all.

i hope.

what are you hoping for your little ones?

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  1. love this. just love it. i pray over my daughter every night some of these things. i hope she will be a million times better then i ever was!


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