February 20, 2014

:thoughts on motherhood // FREE PRINTABLE:

this is a constant theme around our home. seeking to live out love through patience and kindness. this setting aside of ourselves in order to focus on and bless others. it starts at home, mother teresa said, it is not how much we do but how much love we put into that action. 

i told jacob, i want to learn first corinthians 13 with the children, picking a few verses each week until we have it memorized. that was a month ago and we are still on verse four. i read it daily to myself and at least once a week with the children. we talk about ways we can practice being patient. we think of ways we can show kindness to one another. each week we come back to it and realize we haven't quite mastered it. i don't know that we ever will and i believe there is grace for that. so for now we are camping out here. i am happy to stay a while soaking up love and grace along the way. 

i hope you'll join me on the journey. in an effort to encourage you, you can DOWNLOAD THIS FREE PRINT, here.

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  1. these are great!! thanks for sharing your heart - it's an inspiration to me. xo.


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