January 12, 2014

:thoughts on faith // on sabbath & keeping it holy:

our current read aloud is little house on the prairie. just recently we came across the chapter describing sundays and the honor of them. laura and mary weren't aloud to run and play on sundays. for it was the sabbath and meant to be honored, holy. this didn't sit well with laura- this idea mandated and passed down of what sabbath should look like for everyone. it doesn't sit well with me either. 

times have changed a bit. children are free to run and play. stores are now open on sundays. church people are the primary patrons during the lunch hour rush. honoring the sabbath and keeping it holy looks different from one person to the next. 

there was a time when i would notice someone mowing their lawn on sunday and judge them. 
there was a time when i noticed the neighbors car never moved on a sunday morning and judge them.

now there are many days when our car doesn't move on sunday morning. yet honoring the sabbath and keeping it holy is sacred to me. 

on any given sunday you'll find me sleeping in, sipping my coffee slowly while little ones snuggle close for books or a show. i might wake up early to sit in the silence and bask in the grace that never runs out and never gives up. i might crawl in that amazing tent my father-in-law built, to snuggle eisley, usually the last to get up, and chat about her dreams and plans and hopes. you'll most likely find me making the bed, because it gives me peace. before i can finish the one-that-i-love picks me up and throws me down for a cuddle. this cuddle is also known as an open invitation for little ones to join in to wrestle and tickle and giggle breathless. 

these are the moments where i see the evidence of god. 
these are the moments crammed with heaven and i see it and i am taking off my shoes for these moments, they are holy. 

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