January 10, 2014

:thoughts on motherhood // on adventure:

she flew in the backdoor, short of breath, cheeks read and grabbed my hand. do you want to come see it mama? we decorated the clubhouse! i followed her outside and for a moment my memories took me back to that little spot out in the woods behind my mama's house. the one with the swept dirt floors and wooden sign that said something like keep out or girls clubhouse, i can't remember now. 

i followed her to the entrance and walked in across the newly laid, stepping stones with the words written by her friend:

the playhouse 
ond by the bevers 

i walked inside to see old christmas garland strung from one tree to the next. a living area that consisted of a little tikes chair from her table set, a camping chair and a flower pot turned upside-down for a coffee table. the lounge area, she presented. 

i paused to look all around, trying to take in all the beauty that her six year old eyes were seeing. after a minute my eyes met hers. the corners turned up and she gave me that quirky grin that says, well, whaddya think mom? i said it's just perfect coop- just perfect! 


the cold days have kept us from playing outside as much as we like. so when it warmed up after the single digit temperatures we set our sights on adventure. 

our adventure included a bucket or basket for each darling to collect their findings and driving a good 4 miles to a local homestead for exploration. the children ran and giggled from spot to spot, hair flying in the wind, collecting and imagining and delighting in the newness of it all. they filled their baskets full of goodies to take home all the while basking in the beauty of make-believe, pretending the shelters were their places of residence

i was reminded how easily they are made happy. i was renewed in my quest for a simple life. i was refreshed by the crisp cool air and the warm sunshine on my face.

"we have such a brief opportunity to pass on to our children our love for this earth, 
and to tell our stories. these are the moments when the world is made whole. in my 
children's memories, the adventures we've had together in nature will always exist."
-richard louv, last child in the woods

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  1. oh, yes... those are the best days. we have headed outside as often as possible and i'm always reminded what a gift nature/sunshine/rocks/sticks/hills/breezes are to our souls.


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