November 4, 2013

:thoughts on faith // sharing stories:

we pull slowly into the narrow drive, put on the emergency brake and take in the view. breathtaking takes on a whole new meaning at the sight. red, orange and yellow blend to create a landscape that stills your soul, recognizing the creator. 

the house is warm and welcoming as we climb the steps. at the top they are there, the faces of the ones that bless and encourage. we embrace and squeeze tight for all the days in between our last visit. true friendships are the ones that have no beginning or end. the ones that can be picked up any time no matter the distance between. 

moments are spent by the fire, sipping coffee, talking about faith and family and this journey of motherhood. there is wisdom in their words. some are years ahead and share their experiences with joy and nostalgia. some are years behind and will certainly think back to these moments with gratitude for the stories they now carry in their hearts. 


we all have one. we are all weaving beauty into the tapestry formed before our existence. these women graciously shared their stories and for that i am so thankful. gratitude turns ordinary meals into communion and acquaintances into friends. 

let us share our stories. 
let us encourage others with our words.

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  1. Lovely post. We are pondering some of the same things right now. I will have a post up tomorrow on my other site speaking of the realization I am now one of the older mothers being called to encourage and share what I have learned with some of the younger ones.
    Big Family Small Farm

  2. Hi :) i really enjoyed this post [as always] and i think it is SO cool that u can share your 'stories' with each other...i think we all have something to teach and to learn... it's not really like that here in SA :(


words are like honey, sweet to my soul, so feel free to share yours.