October 21, 2013

:thoughts on photography // wild and free:

we decided to try and capture a family photo this weekend. when i say family photo, i mean my husbands parents and sisters family, which totals six adults and six kids. capturing these moments with an actual photographer- camera in hand- is difficult enough- enter, tripod.

i comically set the timer and walked back to my spot repeatedly to make sure we had at least one good shot. i am certain that children come out of the womb making pacts with other babies to never look at the camera at the same time. after many attempts-read threats- for everyone to sit nice and pretty for the picture i said okay guys lets throw some leaves! 

i don't want their smiles to come from  the threat of lost privileges. i want their smiles to be real and sincere and wholly them! a family photo session should not be about obedience. it should be about having fun and capturing those natural moments of love and laughter to be remembered and cherished. children need freedom to be themselves and delight in their surroundings. i captured these little nuggets while following the darlings around after our group shot. i love these natural shots much better than the initial posed photos. 

i want to remember the way my boy giggled and closed his eyes as he flew through the air on the tree swing, cool breeze on his cheeks, tummy turning upside-down. 

i want to remember the way my little one crunched leaves and smiled, dimples deep as i jumped in front of her saying boo baby!

i want to remember the way my big girl could not contain her open-mouth-joy in floating leaves and how i have no desire to encourage her to do so. 

i want to remember the friendship she and my niece share. the bond that runs deep and wide and thick as thieves. 

i want to remember the little one that makes you work for a smile finally gave one over on the slide. 

let us always remember these moments.

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  1. such sweetness and cute kiddos! i am known to bribe a child or two or two hundred when it comes to photos. ; )

  2. perfect!! it is the precious, little, real moments that are the sweetest :) your pictures (and memories) are gorgeous!! xoxo


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