October 19, 2013

:thoughts on the internet // weekend links:

thoughts on art

sarah bessey puts words to the stirrings of my soul in this post.

i do believe you can find art in the unexpected. check out this post to see why i'm swooning!

have your started your christmas shopping yet? i'm going handmade this year and this is my first stop!

i love snippets of creativity in other artist that i respect. this flip book is inspiring.

thoughts on motherhood

this mom nails it in teaching her toddler about the shutdown in this post.

if you're curious how other families put scripture into practice, this post will help.

thoughts on homeschool

if you have ever become frustrated while educating your children, this post will encourage you in the ways of empathy towards your children.

thoughts on photography

i'm always looking to be inspired in this area. this photographer does not disappoint!

there is a really awesome giveaway on INSTAGRAM so head over there and find me
@melissabeaver to find out how to enter!

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