October 17, 2013

:thoughts on motherhood // words into action:

in our home we are big on living like jesus and making memories. as some of you know i create and sell scripture memory cards. they are geared towards children but could be useful at any age. i am personally not particular about versions of the bible or exact phrasing. i recently heard someone describe scripture memory like this: my goal as a mama and follower of jesus is to "plant the word so deeply into their hearts that they cannot trace its beginning." 

i simply want my children to know and live out the words of jesus. scripture memory cards are one of the ways we implement this practice. many of you have asked how we use our cards so this is a peek into our every day.

right now we are focused on this set. each card has a word that represents something we should be doing as believers.  i want my children to be not only hearers of the word but doers. small acts with great love is a lesson i pray follows them all of their days. 

i introduce them to this set of scripture by reading each one to them. we talked about how jesus did amazing things for people. he loved people. he fed people. he healed people. he met their needs. they had lots of ideas about how we could do some of those things as a family. then they each chose a card to focus on. eisley chose LOVE and durgin chose WALK. as you can see, they were pretty pumped about it!

i read their verses with them daily.

durgin's verse is galatians 5:16
"walk by the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature"

in explaining this verse to him i use words from the message. i encourage him to walk with god. to let god guide him. to think of others first and not give in to selfishness. when i see him walking in the spirit such as showing kindness to his sister i tell him, "durgin, you're walking in the spirit!" 

eisley's verse is john 15:!2
"love each other as i have loved you"

we talk about the great big, radical, never-stopping love that jesus has for us and how this verse reminds us that we are to love others the same way. 

yesterday while on a walk around the neighborhood we had a few encounters. we met precious people that encouraged us along the way. what a blessing to exchange smiles and kind words with our community. i asked eisley and durgin to come up with a way we could be a blessing to the people we met. they said bake cookies!! so we did and delivered them to those neighbors. this is love in action, i told them. this small act shows love in a big way!

i have no time frame for memorizing scripture. when i feel that a verse has taken root, we move on to the next one. 

there are a total of eight volumes of scripture memory cards. they can be purchased here. 

i'd love to hear how your are using your cards!


  1. I ordered my cards and I truly can't wait to get them! :) I love pretty things......ESPECIALLY when they have TRUTH all over them!


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