September 18, 2013

:thoughts on motherhood // welcome fall:

"god's gifts put mans best dreams to shame"
-elizabeth barrett browning

it arrived during the night. a welcome friend in the morning. it made my coffee taste sweeter, my sweater cozier. windows open allow cool breezes and crisp air to flow. the crickets are louder. the sunshine brighter. the blue sky blue-er. 


a fresh new season, like a new day, has no mistakes only opportunities. 

this fall....
we will go a little slower. 
we will snuggle a little longer.
we will sit by the fire. 
we will roast marshmallows.
we will climb trees and swing. 
we will relish in dirty feet and faces. 
we will make soup on the regular. 
we will share meals with friends.
we will go camping.
we will read books on blankets in the warm sunshine. 
we will ride bikes.
we will bake bread for our neighbors.
we will make art.
we will listen to one another.
we will love well.
we will walk in his promises. 
we will record our gratitude. 
we will bless others. 
we will embrace the gift of the season.

what will you do this fall?


  1. hi :) what a beautiful list to keep uppermost in your mind...i wish u all the success in the world with ticking ALL the boxes on your list :) and i am going to make my own list for our Spring which is blossoming all around me (even if i have been a little shall we say 'slow' to appreciate it :) thanks for earlier...i needed a friend just then :)

  2. Sweet lil post, I just blogged about fall as well!:)


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