September 20, 2013

:thoughts on art // honing my craft:

"practice makes perfect."

-vince lombardi

i say this to my children on the daily when they are frustrated with their efforts. perfectionism is an ugly little thing that exists to some degree in all of us. we often strive to be perfect at whatever task lies before us. we are imperfect beings. we are flawed. we are unique and individual. we are creative. we are artistic each in our own way. 

so in an effort to fight perfectionism i am taking time to practice my art. it takes all shapes and forms, but this weekend it was the art of photography. 

"you don't take a great photograph, you make it."
-ansel adams

what art are you practicing?

**if you're local and interested in a family photo session please feel free to send a message!

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  1. love this great photos! I really need to start using my camera more and not just using my phone for photos.


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