September 16, 2013

:thoughts on homeschool // nature hunt:

i announced at breakfast that we were going on a nature hunt. squeals ensued. the children finished breakfast and dressed in a hurry, full with excitement! i grabbed two brown paper bags and my camera and we headed out the door.

when we arrived i gave the children free reign over their collection. they began with the bright yellow leaves found on the ground. followed by who could find the biggest leaf. i think eisley won.

we made a heart out of leaves and threw the extras over the railing into the creek. the boy stopped about twenty-five times to dump the dirt from his shoes but still found joy in finding things he doesn't see ordinarily.

once we were home i taped a huge piece of paper on the table so they could dump their loot. oooo's and aaaaa's filled the room as they said "look at this one!" and "check this out!" they sorted and counted. they measured and traced. they gave them voices and delighted in the art of pretend.

i'm finding in this journey of home education that it is the simple things that give way to the most teachable moments. learning truly is fun!

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  1. My daughter will be going to school (she's two) but we do a lot of "homeschool" type things at home so I always love finding good little activites for us to do!

  2. We homeschool too and I agree with you completely about teachable moments! I love teachable moments! Thank you for sharing about your nature hunt! I found your post through Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters.

  3. I found you fom Miscellany Mondays (from last week!) I'm a bit behind. I love your post! Learning is so much fun. I'm also a homeschool mom. Thankful I found your sweet blog. Your pictures are beautiful. I'm also following you on Instagram.


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