September 23, 2013

:thoughts on motherhood // i almost missed it:

i almost missed it.

i wake up at 6am and they follow shortly behind at 7am. always welcomed with good morning hugs and kisses. i ask about their dreams while we burrow under blankets to shield us from the cool fall air. it doesn't take long before their bellies begin to rumble and the breakfast routine ensues.

we follow breakfast with getting dressed and brushing teeth and a little play time.

we homeschool so we meet in the living room for a quick dance party followed by the jesus storybook bible and prayer for a good day. 

our days are full. yet not so full that we don't have time to be a family. we are careful in choosing our activities so that we aren't torn in so many directions that we feel rushed and grumpy. the children don't like to be rushed and i don't like to be late so an overbooked schedule just isn't our thing.

some days are so full and so long that when bedtime comes, i'm spent.
the routine looks a little like this....

baths for three babies. 
the baby thing- a little game my two big kids like to play where they have been dropped off at our doorstep as babies and we will adopt them. 
putting on pajamas.
brushing hair and teeth. 
books and snuggles on the couch.
then goodnight kisses, turn on the "god cd" and the hall light and boom. done...sort of. 

i was giving my big girl goodnight kisses when she said "mommy will you snuggle me in my bed?" 
thankful for the voice in my head that says she won't always ask and nudges me to say yes. so i crawl into her bunk and find a place to rest among the multitude of stuffed animals. she asks for a story. a made-up one, she says, are her favorite.

i was tired. so. darn. tired. but i gave her my best, untold, made-up story. thankfully she doesn't notice the stumbles or inconsistencies. she doesn't mind my lack of creative adjectives. she simply loves the story. once i was done she took a turn creating a story all on her own. we gave kisses and she went fast to sleep after a hard days play.

i sat down on the couch and it hit me.
i almost missed it.

i almost missed the opportunity to cultivate a love for story in my little artist. i almost missed the chance to imagine with her. i almost missed the blessing of being her mommy even in the long, hard, tired moments of the day.

thankful for the nudging that came when i needed it.

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  1. sister, you make me a better momma with your inspiration.

  2. girl, i miss a lot. i get so task oriented, i forget the people for which i am actually doing the tasks for.

    you are a good momma.

  3. Such a sweet post. I really, really loved reading it! Have a wonderful week!

    Allie @ Framed by God

  4. beautifully written. what a precious reminder to low down. thanks for sharing your heart!


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