September 24, 2013

:thoughts on homeschool // nurturing young artists:

i know this feeling well - the turning of words in the mind, pictures forming along side. it has always been there, this need to create and pour out. i'm not at all surprised to find this revealing itself now in my little one. twice now she has awoken with a story in her heart, anxious for paper and pen.

her first book was written this week, the magic horse. a mere ten pages, yet so full, because the writer gave all her abilities to the creation.

she asked us to read it over and over again. she loved when we read with exclamation where she intended so and giggled the deep belly giggles of pure delight. she did not fear criticism. she did not entertain thoughts that others may not find her art as fascinating as her little heart did. she simply created and took pleasure in her creation. we, as parents, did the same, for "how you treat the creation reflects how you feel about the creator" -rob bell.

art supplies // every artist has specific tools needed to create their masterpiece. we always have plenty of paper, pens, markers, crayons and colored pencils on hand.

space // creativity doesn't require an elaborate space to make an appearance. in our home we have several places where we create. most often it is our dinner table. it's long and wide with plenty of room to spread out and have all supplies needed within arms reach. sometimes the young artist needs quiet to create.  in this case, we have a little table and chairs set up in their room which has been named, the art corner. 

freedom // when an idea forms it needs to be recorded before it is lost. so when our young artist feels the need to create we give her space to do so. "true art is characterized by the irresistible urge in the artist" -albert einstein. sometimes this interferes with our schedule, as the act of nurturing usually does. i'm learning to give way to this urgency and enjoy these moments of creative learning together.

encouragement //  when a work of art, no matter the form, is presented, we stop what we are doing and engage. we ask questions. we show excitement. we offer suggestions when appropriate to do so. we display artwork on our refrigerator. we receive her art as a blessing. she has learned to see it this way as well and now uses her skills to bless others. the librarians, her dance instructor, grandparents, aunts and friends are all proud owners of original artwork created by eisley cooper.

our children do not need formal art classes to be artists, although that is something i would love for my children in the future. every parent can cultivate the love of art in their little ones with a little effort. "every artist was first an amateur" -ralph waldo emerson

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  1. ohhhh! love that you are allowing them to express their creativity!! you can learn so much through imagination!!


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