September 21, 2013

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// thoughts on motherhood // 

This post totally changed my perspective. I have used these six words with my children numerous times since reading. I thought them to myself as I went through my day doing my daily tasks. 

Sometimes that voice inside our heads tells us we aren't hitting the mark. This post reaffirms the forever love of god and his pre-approval of us. 

// thoughts on homeschool //

Anne gives us some great tips about how to keep our children interested in reading in this post.  

If some of your friendships have changed due to your educational choices then be sure and read this. 

We read through most of the books on this list last week. They truly inspired my six year old in her writing!

// thoughts on photography //

When preparing for a photo session I check out this blog and this one for inspiration. 

// thoughts on art //

Lindsay's series {I HEART ART} has introduced me to a number of inspiring artists! 

This blog has great ideas for teaching art to our little ones. I have a budding artist at my side daily and i want to encourage and develop her love for the creativity. I do that by finding inspiration from other artists.

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Happy Weekending Friends!

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