April 11, 2013

:where it all begins and ends:

motherhood: all love begins and ends there
-robert browning

my mama tried to teach me to shag. i would watch her feet move to the rhythm while mine never matched up. she would laugh and twirl me around. that was my favorite part anyways. i never learned to shag, mama, but i still dance.

i turned the music loud this morning, an invitation they already recognize. they came running, tools in hand. for the little guy, his guitar gifted by a sweet aunt. for my girl, her ballerina doll, naturally.  the baby, just brought the cute, shaking her fluffy bottom. 

we danced and twirled and giggled at the freedom found in dancing like no one is watching. 

some days are ugly hard. some days are gloriously beautiful. today was the latter. glory.


  1. Hi :) u have such a lovely way with words !

  2. Your daughter in the top picture looks a lot like you.=) Glad your day was glorious!

  3. dance parties are the BEST! seriously, i think they should be mandatory! :)

  4. Love this. Some days are glorious, and we carry those days with us, and they carry us, too.

  5. i sure miss having dance parties with my boys. if i tried now they look at me as if i were crazy. they've moved into that "i'm too cool" stage. soak it up mama.

  6. It's amazing how some dancing can turn a day around! :)


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