April 8, 2013

:on having adventures:

they took off their shoes and socks in a frenzy, rolled their pants to their knees, adventure just ahead. making their way down the hill with the help of daddy tiny feet stepped into chili creek water for the first time. mud squished between toes gave way to distorted expressions that turned to smiles as bright as the morning sun.

my big girl immediately took off, not a care or fear in the world. her only goal, to seize the day, delight in the moment. her carefree spirit made me want to take off my shoes and jump in like i did when i was a kid. "life is but an adventure or nothing at all," right? that helen keller, full of wisdom.

the boy, so much like me, straight laced, careful and tidy, made peace with dirt and mud. covered from head to toe in the glorious brown, found joy in what he once thought precarious. he walked the bank throwing rocks, laughing a boisterous laugh when they landed with a splash in the face.

he pointed in affirmation as daddy jumped from bank to bank over his tiny frame. that man, a hero to my little ones and rightfully so.

we took them home and washed away the evidence of a hard days play, but the memory lingers. they had an adventure they will never forget....neither will i.

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